Business owners needing assitance  staying up to date and relevant with todays trends and strategies. Then we have the perfect plan for you. Really take advantage of having a team supporting ad creating marketing material to help drive traffic, build your brand and communicate succesfully directly to your clients.  Having a full digital marketing team means more times than none it will cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Let us project manage that same load of work on a reasonable budget.


Plan inclueds the following:

3 strategy meetings per month 

 12-month contract

 T-shirt line min of 50 shirts

YouTube Channel 2 episodes (per month)

Social Media Management up to 2  accounts

Package B

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  • By purchasing any of our packages. You are guaranteed to have a dedicated team. Passionate in helping your brand receive the brand recognition it deserves. When deciding what package is best for you. Here are some things to consider. The most important thing to consider when making your selection is time.