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Square One Small Business
One KC Radio website
Gym Rats website
TopKnotch Vegan Vittles website
KC Central Blue Eagles website
RichCuts KC website

we've worked with

We work with each individual brand's social media pages consistently every week. Each post is meaningful to the brand based off the collaboration between us and the client. Each platform can bring engagement and loyalty to the brand's success. 


It's very simple we work with you by creating an awareness around your business or product. Today's digital marketing consists of great ideas, great content meshed with the brands target goals.

Our Promise

We promise to create unique & exciting material accessible for every business. You should think of us as your own personal marketing department, finding ways to reach your audience. With a great idea and we’ll even provide you with an outsourced CMO to bring it all together.


Things to consider

Since we will become the marketing team your brand deserves.Your membership will be assigned  to a WLS . This mean we will be very hands on when working with each other. Daily visits, consistent photo and video shoots plus customized branded apparel is how he pull your audience closer to create promoters and brand loyalty.  




It takes 5 years to start a successful brand